Linux Full Stack Developer (BSP Low Level and C/C++ skills); Burr Ridge, IL

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Linux Full Stack Developer (BSP Low Level and C/C++ skills); Burr Ridge, IL

I saw your resume on a job site. We are looking for Linux Full Stack Developer (BSP Low Level and C/C++ skills). Please call/email me if you are interested in applying for this position.
I will appreciate if you can forward this email to anyone who might be looking out for a change in same domain.

Job Title:  Linux Full Stack Developer (BSP Low Level and C/C++ skills)

Job Location: Burr Ridge, IL
Duration: Contract 12+ Months
Job Description:

BSP/Low Level

  • Expert knowledge of Linux device driver development and BSP (Board Support Package) bring up.  Key details sought:
    • MMU Configuration for DDR
    • Linux Filesystem assembly (initrd)
    • PCIe and Linux drivers connecting to PCIe hardware
    • Linux Device Tree configuration
    • Linux GPIO
    • Linux DMA (iMX SDMA) / Familiar with cache-coherency and Linux CMA
    • SoC (System On Chip) configuration: Clock tree, device registers
    • 1st stage boot loaders (Chip specific)
    • 2nd stage boot loader – UBOOT – ability to build custom UBOOT images for BSP
    • Experience with Video4Linux driver development
    • Knowledge/Experience writing ISRs (Interrupt Service Routines)
    • Multi-Core SoC bring up from within Linux.  Boot strapping other SoC cores from Linux (with or without Linux rproc)
    • Linux Device tree experience – reserving memory and mapping via MMU to other SoC cores.  As an example, Ti J6 has M4 cores with their own MMU which maps DDR memory reserved at boot up by Linux.  So Linux running on A15 cores and RTOS running on M4 cores out of same DDR memory
    • Analog Camera Driver hardware interfacing with V4L (Video4Linux)
    • Knowledge/Experience writing Yocto framework a nice to have

Linux, C/C++ Skills

Knowledge & at least 6 years of experience with:
  • C/C++ development.
  • C/C++ Design Patterns (NVI, Factory, Observer)
  • C/C++ Data Structures (AVL, RedBlack trees, etc..)
  • Design for MISRA-C & MISRA-C++ compliance
  • Developing Linux Daemons
  • Writing Linux applications using Sockets, UART, and interfacing with Hardware IO drivers
  • Qt graphical framework (Qt QuickControls2)
  • Writing\Configuring OpenGL on Linux with Linux DRI GPU drivers/acclerators
  • Linux gstreamer or other video streaming concepts.  Overlaying information on live camera feeds.
  • Linux scripting (BASH scripting)
  • Database concepts, SQL (SQLite/PostgreSQL)
  • writing multi-threaded application concepts
  • Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering or Computer Science degree
  • Minimum of 6 years of experience in embedded software development
Thanks & Regards,
Vivek Kumar
Sr. Executive- Talent Acquisition
FSTONE Technologies
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