Remote NodeJS Developer with BigData

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Daeda Technologies

Need senior nodejs developer with 8+ years experience and 4+ years of big data experience

ontract length: 10 months

location: 100% remote

Job description:

Required skills:

NodeJS/Javascript/express framework

Python/Django Rest Framework

Scala (spark jobs, play framework)

Big Data Fileformats: ORC, Parquet, Avro, etc

HDP Stack, specifically the security services

Role description

Platform services developer specializes in a number of enterprise/big data technologies. This is a “hands on keyboard” developer role with an expectation that the resource comes equipped with necessary skills and experience rather than learning on the job.

A successful developer will have the ability to implement the solutions provided by their development lead and support the ongoing enhancement of the assigned functional area. They will rapidly obtain intimate knowledge of the solution.

Knowledge in tools such as
Docker, NodeJS, JavaScript, Implemented a Kerberos/KDC bases authentication mechanism and performed a Kubernetes deployment.

The responsibilities include:

* Implementing NodeJS/Python (Django Rest Framework) APIs that interact with the Big Data Platform components.

* API Design – OpenAPI/swagger documentation & Implementation

* Automated Unit Test development for all components

* Proper adherence to development standards and use of source code control and CI/CD procedures.